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An increasing number of us are choosing to live abroad. Modern transport links enable us to easily travel or move overseas from the UK by air, land or sea, creating opportunities to live, work or retire anywhere in the world.

European countries such as France and Spain have always been popular with the British, and there now appears to be a growing number of us heading further afield as we choose to move to destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada, for example.

Is it Easy to Move Abroad?

Moving can be stressful, but if you plan well in advance , this will help make the actual removals day run as smoothly as possible. With a move to foreign climes there is certainly more to take into consideration than if you were to move to another town or city in the UK. With an international move it’s advisable to call upon removals specialists.

Take advantage of the professional packing service offered by your local removals firm such as Britannia Harrison & Rowley, who are experienced in the use of the correct packing materials and know how to load a container efficiently. With the use of a bar coding inventory system the company’s fully trained movers aim to ensure your goods are tracked and reach their destination in the same condition as when they left the UK. A bespoke crating service will ease the handling and packing of larger items of furniture, leaving you to concentrate on other aspects of your move, such as the unavoidable paperwork.

Useful Tips for a Smooth International Move

Make sure your passport is in date. It’s amazing how many of us forget this essential item! Don’t forget to organise a forwarding address with the Post Office. You can arrange this for either six months or a year and then renew if necessary. This can be useful if you are waiting for job references which may arrive after you’ve moved, or you don’t get around to notifying your bank or the DVLA of your new address straightaway.

Make sure you book a house survey well in advance of your move with Britannia Harrison & Rowley International, to assess what needs to be packed or crated, and to help plan the correct packing materials required for your household effects.

The correct currency and insurances need to be organised. You can either do this yourself or instruct your removals company to arrange certain aspects for you.

Remember, any jurisdiction will require you to produce the correct customs forms, follow import regulations and hold the correct visas or quarantine documentation, if applicable. Your professional movers can provide you with some useful guides and advice, helping you to get organised.

Individual Containers, Groupage Shipments, Vehicle Shipping & Excess Baggage

The majority of your belongings will be loaded into a container outside your house and then taken for shipment abroad. However, if your move is not big enough to fill a container your items will be moved to a secure warehouse and join a groupage shipment with other loads. Whilst it may take slightly longer for  your possessions to be shipped, it provides a more economical option.

If you have a car or motorcycle you need shipped abroad, this can also be arranged for you, as well as any temporary storage required either in the UK or with one of Britannia Harrison & Rowley’s partners in your chosen destination.
Unaccompanied excess baggage can be shipped internationally separately for you. You may be planning to ship personal effects and items of excess luggage ahead of your actual moving date for example. These extra items can be conveniently shipped by your professional movers door to door via an economical air freight service.

Living in a Foreign Country

Many of us have been lucky enough to visit different countries and experience different cultures whilst on foreign holidays, but it’s a whole different kettle of fish when you’re relocating your home, family, pet and perhaps your job. If it’s a country you’ve never been to before, it’s a good idea to carry out some research before you go to try and learn about the people, language, customs and laws, so that you can integrate and feel a part of the local community. When you’ve made the move abroad, hunt out your local tourist office, library or bookshop and equip yourself with as much information about the local area and its people as you can.

Familiarising yourself with new currency and memorising a few simple basics such as ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ or ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will help you get by if those around you don’t speak much English. Developing knowledge and awareness of the different ways people communicate or perhaps a religious approach to dress code, will help you connect successfully with the locals. For example, common hand gestures in Britain can have alternative meanings elsewhere in the world, and making direct eye contact with someone can be considered offensive.

Getting to know your local area will also help you to start to feel more at home. Do as the locals do and don’t be afraid to try new things. In Chile, for example, there is a shared taxi system where the taxis are known locally as ‘collectivos’, whereby a driver collects different passengers along a route, until the car is full, and then drops them off at various destinations as required. In Madrid, Spain, you’ll find the locals crammed into bars first thing in the morning, enjoying doughnuts dipped in their early morning coffee before they head off to work. While in France and Portugal, nothing gets in the way of a good lunch!

Find an Experienced Shipping Company

An international move can be exciting and daunting at the same time. If you want to know how to move abroad, then a reputable removals firm will be happy to help, which is why it’s important to find a company you feel you can trust with the responsibility of moving your home abroad. Take time to research overseas removals companies and get a moving quote online. Read testimonials from previous customers and make your own list of questions and concerns before organising a home survey for your move abroad.

There is a great deal to organise, and much of this can be handed over to expert overseas removals firms, such as Britannia Harrison & Rowley who are established movers based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. The first local removals company to be awarded British Standard BS EN 12522 (Domestic Removals for Private Individuals), Harrison & Rowley’s customers can be assured that their move abroad will be in safe hands and managed efficiently by an experienced firm.

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