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Britannia Harrison and Rowley’s Tip Tuesday


Britannia Harrison and Rowley Removals have a few simple and easy to follow tips for removal…

* Make a list – keep records of what is in each box will help you in the long run, especially when you unload and unpack

* Supplies – remember you will need more boxes than you first anticipate

* Colour co-ordinate – try having a coloured sticker for each room on each box so that they can be put in the right room from the start

* Pack ahead – start packing early to avoid a mad rush right before removal date. Keep that big day as stress free as possible

* Cleaning supplies – it never hearts to give the old place a wipe own and your new place a clean before you begin unpacking

* Use all available space – Think about paking clothes etc in suitcases and other items with inside cavities. It will reduce the overall load and potentially reduce removal costs/time

* Keep important papers and effects with you – removal documents, passports, banking details and solicitors numbers etc with you on removal day, the last thing you want to do is be looking through boxes once they have been loaded

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