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Help Your Kids Adjust To A House Move

kids moving house

Moving house can be a very stressful time for all family members. It can be even more stressful when you have kids that need to be looked after during your move.
Some studies suggest that older children don’t cope with moving as well as younger children. This is not necessarily true as younger children will also have to make major adjustments to their lives to cope with the move, this can often include making new friends in a new environment, which can often be a daunting task for all age groups.

Get Them Ready

Whether it’s visiting the local park or scoping out the school they will be attending, it is worth planning in a day trip with your kids before moving. Spending the day and visiting local restaurants and cafes will help them to adjust at a later date.
Be Positive – Walk The Walk
Children will often look to their parents for guidance in life, this is especially so in stressful parts of their life. If you remain positive about the new location you are living in and as long as you remain positive about the move, so will your children. Try to remind your child about the positives of your move and never compare your new house to the old.

Let Them Express Their Feelings

When moving, it is expected that children will be upset as it may have meant they have moved away from all their friends and family. The way that every child will deal with this upset can vary, but it can often include clinginess, tantrums, sleep disruption or appetite change. Do not worry about this, children will adjust at their own pace and will eventually readjust.

Setup Kids Rooms First

When moving into the new house, try to setup the kids room first. This will allow them to have their own space to play and adjust to their new home whilst you unpack the rest of your belongings into your new home. During the move, try to ensure the kids boxes are the last to go on the lorry and first to come out as this will help make this task easier for you.

Help them be social

After you have moved into your new home, help your kids make new friends by encouraging them to be sociable. This may be from an informal introduction to neighbours, kids clubs and local parents and children at the park. Tell them for example how nice you think they are and how they will always make friends due to them being such a nice person.

Hopefully, our top tips to help reduce stress for children when moving will help! We have no doubt there are many other amazing tips and words of wisdom available. If you have any priceless nuggets to share, then please get in touch!


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