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Take The Stress Out of Moving Day With These Tips

Moving House Boxes

Moving homes is probably one of the major events that can occur in your lifetime! However, this can often usher in a new chapter for your life. Before you can even think about putting your feet up and relaxing in your new surroundings, there is one dreaded thing you have to go through – Moving day! Love it, like it or hate it, you have to go through it! However, with prudent planning and some organisation, moving day doesn’t have to be painful! Here at Harrison and Rowley we’ve complied a list of things to remember to do before moving day, and some practical tips on making moving day less stressful!

Pack Rooms one at a Time

Packing all your belongings can seem like one of the more daunting tasks to complete. The thought of putting all of the contents of your home in boxes can be quite the task! However, if you take things one room at a time then this is a great starting point. And this is probably one of the more common things you can do to make things more organised for you, to not only help with moving but this will also help with the setting up of the new rooms that you’ll be going into. This leads us nicely onto the next point….

Stressfree House Removals from Harrison & Rowley

Label Boxes

This is probably one of the more common things associated with moving, but is quite often overlooked… If you are packing your items room by room, then it naturally makes sense to label the boxes accordingly. It may also be worth putting a number beside each bedroom and label the boxes accordingly also. This will make it easier for you to know which belongings go where in the new home.

packing a chair

Bills and Phones all redirected

This should actually be something that’s looked into and arranged before moving day itself. You must ensure that all your bills are all ready to be redirected to your new address – and you’ve told the powers that be that you’re moving home. This can include DVLA, Banks, Schools, TV Licensing Authority, Employers and others that may need to know about the change of address.


Arrangements are made for Kids / Pets

Moving day can be stressful for the entire family, including any kids and pets. It may be worth making arrangements for kids and pets to be looked after by other members of the family, leaving you to do what’s necessary on moving day.

pug in a box

Arrange for a Moving Company

One of the most valuable investments you can make is hiring a dedicated moving company. This will most certainly help take the stress out of the whole moving process, as you can literally leave the entire job to someone else. Here at Harrison & Rowley for example, we will project manage the entire process. What this means is that we will not only move the boxes, but we offer a pack and wrap service. We will essentially bubble wrap everything for you and pack the contents of your entire house ourselves by our own in house experts! This is what makes the Harrison & Rowley and Britannia brand so different to others – purely for the fact that we go the extra mile for your move.

glass packing table packing Removing TV From Wall coffe table packing Another shot of the team in Milton Keynes

If you’ve found this article useful and are looking soon for a moving company, then why not get in touch with us and get a quote….

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