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Moving over the festive period: Reduce stress and enjoy Christmas

Young couple with boxes in new home celebrating New Years

Our team at Britannia Harrison & Rowley are well aware that both Christmas and moving house can be stressful for anyone. Put the two of these together and even the most relaxed of people are likely to find it all a bit too much. However, there is no need to let your move prevent you from enjoying your festive break, all it takes is plenty of advanced planning and lots of Christmas spirit. We have put together some ideas as to how to reduce stress and enjoy Christmas throughout your move:

Allow yourself time to plan in advance: You should allow yourself at least 12 weeks prior to the move to start planning, giving you plenty of time to book a removals company and order in packing materials. The more time you allow for planning the less you will be rushing around. Try and avoid unnecessary stress by making your Christmas arrangements well in advance.

Snow problem: We all love a white Christmas, however harsh weather conditions such as snow and rain can cause problems on moving day. Make sure driveways, pathways and any steps are salted in advance to make sure that the removals van can get in and out easily and no one trips or slips carrying heavy boxes. Allow yourself to have fun in the snow with the kids, Christmas is supposed to be a light hearted and enjoyable time so stay positive and wrap up warm to avoid the winter chill.

Make sure there’s food on the table: With so many things to remember whilst moving, it can be easy to forget that your tummy needs feeding. Bare in mind that shops that are usually open late throughout the rest of the year, may close early over the Christmas period. Think ahead and get your shopping delivered, pick food up the day before or if you just want to relax and unwind, why not order in a takeaway?

Make it a priority to decorate: Putting curtains up may be the last thing you want to do after you’ve finally made it into your new home, however doing so may help you feel safe and secure on your first night. If you’re feeling particularly energetic why not start putting up some Christmas decorations, tinsel around the fireplace might add a touch of festivity and get the family in the Christmas spirit.

So obvious but too easy, dont forget to pay the bills! : In the chaos of moving house, little things like paperwork may slip your mind, so make sure you don’t end up without heating, hot water, gas or electricity. Christmas is a hectic time, but imagine trying to cook a turkey and put up christmas lights with no gas or electric!

Dont forget to tell friends and family about your change of address: This is something that should be done well in advance of moving house, so that you still receive all of your wonderful Christmas cards and gifts. But most of all, amongst the stress of moving, don’t forget to celebrate, follow family traditions and enjoy Christmas!


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