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Top Things to Consider if You’re Thinking About Moving to Luton

Moving to Luton

Considering relocating to Luton? There’s more to the place than just the airport! And here at Harrison & Rowley, we not only provide expert Removals Luton services, but we also like to bring to you the best possible insights into the town. So if you’re thinking of moving here, continue reading the below to give you all you need on the town of Luton.

You cannot go forward without knowing where you’ve been! And with that in mind, lets look at some of the historical points of the town.

History of Luton at a Glance….

Luton has always been steeped in history, and its origins go far back as 3000 BC, were the first settlements were made. Its been said that the foundation of Luton dates back to the 6th century – when Saxon outposts were formed on the river Lea. There is sufficient evidence and numerous theories to suggest that Luton is named after the Celtic god Lugh, which is pronounced ‘loo’. Lugh was the name given to the river and the settlement known as Lugh’s Town, later became Luton – which explains the origins of the name.

What you may not have known was that Vauxhall opened one of the largest car plants in the UK in 1905 in Luton. The first cinema was opened in 1909, and by 1914, the population of the town grew to 50,000. Luton Airport opened its doors in 1938, and is still one of the most popular airports in the UK. Today, there are huge plans to re-vamp the town – which includes plans to upgrade the town’s bus and trains stations.

Places to visit in Luton….

If you’re either visiting the town or are a full-fledged local, there are quite a few spots to visit.

Stockwood Discovery Centre


A museum with something for everyone – whether you’re preference is outdoors or indoors, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

– Free Entry!

– Extensive collection of local artefacts

– Amazing Gardens

– Large children’s playground

– Outdoor Café

And with fantastic reviews, the place is certainly one of the more popular spots in Luton. Even if its just somewhere to grab a coffee and enjoy the views, or to take the family out, then Stockwood certainly ticks many boxes. So if you’re thinking of moving to Luton, don’t forget to check this place out.


Stockwood Park

Stockwood park is a large open space urban park in the Farley Hill estate.

The garden has been in operation for many years, and has been used for many different purposes. Currently, the english 17th-century style gardens have been heavily influenced by Dutch, French and the Italian styles. The Italian Garden is situated on a well-head that once stood in front of Stockwood House.

Come and visit the park for a fun yet relaxing time out for you or your family.


Dunstable Downs


If you like a good countryside walk, then you will love the Dunstable Downs!


Other Prime Benefits of living in Luton

  • For anyone looking to move closer to London, Luton can be a great option, and a lot less heavy on the pocket! Certain houses can actually be cheaper than various apartments in London.
  • Commuting to London is only a short train journey away – 30 minutes on average.
  • Luton is surrounded by some fantastic countryside, which just as the Dunstable Downs, can be accessed quite easily.
  • The Luton Carnival held once a year on the May Day Bank Holiday is one of Europe’s largest one-day carnivals!

So if you’re looking to move to Luton in the future, then you may be pleasantly surprised! And when it comes to movers services, here at Harrison and Rowley, we are your stress-free Removals Luton service, providing a domestic removals service, and Commercial & Office Removals in Luton.

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