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Removal Products and Essentials

Moving is a process we look forward to with mixed feelings. On the one hand you are moving to a new home, on the other hand you have to pack and move you belongings from the old home. You also have to contact utility companies, clean your entire home before you leave and hire a removal company Luton in advance. Planning your packing is essential for a damage-free move and it will save you a lot of headaches later when you unpack.

As a general rule of thumb, for a large house, two months should be enough if you pack one box a day. For smaller homes, one month should be just fine. Obviously the packing is critical. Here at Britannia Harrison and Rowley, we can supply all the packaging, protective coverings and tape that you will ever need. Our packaging supplies range from a Wardrobe Carton, Marker Pens (make sure you label the boxes), Armchair Covers and Bubble Wrap.

Use the Marker Pen to write the contents on each box. Use the sides of the boxes as well as the tops as this will make it easier to recognise them if they’re are stacked. You could even colour code every room to help with the recognition. To help reduce the stress of moving on your children, ask them to help you decorate the boxes. Kids love drawing and colouring, so ask your little angels to draw a few pretty designs on some of the boxes?

Try to pack just one room at a time. This is one of the most important packing tips which for often gets neglected. Doing this will help you stay organised and will later tell the removal companies Luton which box goes where. If you have a loft, this is a good place to start, what’s in the loft may not be used very regularly. Pack any seasonal items you wouldn’t be using, Christmas decorations. Whilst using our Large House Pack, if you do find anything that you have not used for ages and probably never will, donate it, sell it, throw it away, you will not want to move that item unnecessarily.

When using our Large Carton or Small Carton, do not overfill the boxes, it makes it hazardous for the removal companies Luton staff, we don’t want to hurt their backs or the box fall apart over the floor, breaking things! Talking of safety, put the cleaning products, bleach, polishes, etc into a separate box, clearly marked as potentially dangerous.

We sell two types of boxes, Large Carton or Small Carton. It sounds obvious, but when stacking your boxes before the move, put the heavier, bigger boxes under the lighter boxes, ensuring no items will get crushed at any time. The final box to pack is the Essentials Box. Items you will need straight as soon as you move should be in this box. It might contain the Kettle, First Aid Kit, Tool Box, Can Opener, Mugs, Tea, Milk and Biscuits. Your removal company Luton wishes you a happy and stress free move.




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