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Self Storage Tips for Moving Abroad

Self Storage Tips for Moving Abroad

For those of you in the midst of planning your new life abroad, it can be a daunting prospect leaving the life you have always known and moving to a foreign country. Therefore it’s understandable that you will want to take some of your own home comforts and belongings with you. Whether you need to store a few items or the whole of your household, removals experts Britannia Harrison & Rowley can offer you great self storage solutions.  Self storage is a convenient and flexible way to store your belongings, as you can access your possessions whenever you like and Britannia give you your own key, allowing you access to whatever you need at any time. To help you get the most out of your storage unit, Britannia Harrison & Rowley have compiled a guide containing the best storage tricks and tips around..

The importance of using quality packing materials…













Make sure you invest in strong sturdy boxes to pack all of your belongings in. If you’re planning on being abroad for a lengthy period of time then you’ll definitely want to know that all your items are safe and secure. Although they may be free, boxes acquired from supermarkets can be misshapen and often won’t be the correct size. Packing materials like the ones Britannia supply are renowned for their long lasting durability and protection against damage when being transported.

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By using boxes instead of just putting your items straight into the storage container or holding them in plastic bags, you make life a lot easier for stacking, leaving more room for other items and ensuring that none of your belongings get dusty over time. When packing, ensure you fill every box up to the maximum capacity you can without it being so heavy that it will break while being moved. Conversely, boxes with empty spaces are easily squashed and corners can collapse, making stacking them difficult. Ensure you fill any empty spaces with foam balls, tea towels or sheets.  Make a list of everything you are storing and label the boxes on every side, securing them with strong tape. This makes it a lot easier to find your items when you need to retrieve them!










Tips for utilising space efficiently:











  • While Britannia self storage units are already clean, it’s a good idea to consider putting down a protective canvas sheet or some sort of flooring just for extra cleanliness.
  • If you are storing sofas,  try to store them vertically on one of their ends. This way they take up around a third of the space that they normally would.
  • Any furniture you are storing that can be disassembled should be taken apart; this includes tables and any storage units. Once you’ve done this you can store them on their sides instead of lying flat.
  • To maximise storage space, consider putting up shelving that you can use to store smaller items.
  • If you are storing appliances like your washing machine, then ensure that you have drained all of the water from it before doing so. This leaves room for you to put pillows, sheets and other bedding inside.
  • The space inside fridges and freezers is also a great place to store your smaller items keeping them protected and allowing you more room to store other items.
  • To give you peace of mind in knowing that any fragile items will be kept damage free,  store them in your chest of drawers if they are loose and if they are boxed up, then place them in your wardrobe.

Protect your items as well as you can…

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  • Take time to cover all of your furniture with covers or dust sheets and use some sort of protective coating for any mattresses you are storing, to keep them free of dirt, grime and dust.
  • Extra protection such as bubble wrap should be used with fragile items such as mirrors and pictures to save them from being damaged when handled and transported by removals companies. Please note that you should never store these items flat, as they are more prone to being damaged that way.
  • For those bookworms who love to read and are storing multiple books, ensure you make a point of keeping them flat to avoid damaging their spines.
  • Precious photographs can be damaged by changes in temperature –  ensure that the unit is maintained at a constant temperature like the ones at Britannia and that any loose photographs are placed in books to avoid curling at the edges.
  • Miscellaneous items such as garden tools and household brooms can be taped together or put inside a large bag to keep them neat and to make sure they don’t make other items dirty.
  • TVs, laptops, computers and any other electrical items are best suited to being stored in their original boxes if possible, as they will fit snugly  – thus avoiding any chance of moving around while being transported and potentially breaking. If this is not possible, then fill in any remaining gaps with newspaper, bubble wrap or bed linen to keep them secure.
  • All items you’re packing and storing should be given a thorough clean before they are stored. This helps to keep them in optimum condition while you’re away. Particularly for wooden furniture, it’s a good idea to give it a deep polish to add a bit of extra protection.
  • For anyone storing items like clothes, it’s a good idea to invest in some sort of portable hanger or wardrobe so that you can hang them up and avoid them becoming creased.

Tips for easy access to your self storage unit…

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  • If you or someone you know are planning on returning to your self storage unit, then make a point of putting all the items you will need easy access to at the front of the unit, so you can grab them with ease.
  • By being prepared and keeping a fold up step ladder in your self storage unit, you make it much easier to grab things kept high up.
  • When organising your self storage unit, ensure you leave a central aisle to walk down. This is far easier than climbing over a mountain of items to get to the one object you need.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by what is often referred to as one of the most stressful times in life, never fear as Britannia Harrison and Rowley have thought of everything you need to ensure moving house is as smooth as possible. Contact us today for a quote on removals or storage.

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