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Simple Steps To An Easy Move


Tips for moving house… from those who are in the know.

“We are moving, and I don’t know where to start. We have to put this house up for sale, and it is awful. Please tell me what to do.”

“We are moving cross country, and I don’t know where to start to pack.”

“When we move, I don’t know how I can unpack and keep the CHAOS of the move from overwhelming me.”

Sound familiar..

These are some hard questions, but there are two simple answers:

  1. BabySteps! You have to break the job down into smaller parts so it doesn’t overwhelm you.
  2. Don’t move anything you don’t love. Moving is a great time to start doing a mass decluttering!

First things first: you need a plan. We bet, when packing yourself, you usually wait until the very last minute to start doing anything under the guise of, “I work better under pressure!” But see, nobody works better under pressure. It stresses you out and can make you sick, which is the last thing you need when you’re trying to move, unpack, and take care of your family on top of it all. You need breathe first and get a note pad and start to make a plan.

Packing SuppliesSelf Packing

For every recipe, you need a list of ingredients. So think about what you are going to use for the job of moving:

  • Boxes: These can be purchased directly from Harrison and Rowley Removals. (We also offer used boxes at a reduced rate which will help your budget). If you are using your own boxes, keep them at a manageable size. This will help loading and unloading as well as loading the lorry in an orderly fashion.
  • Packing Tape: Be sure to ask for plenty of tape to seal the box top flaps if you are self-packing. If we are doing the packing for you, you do not need to worry about any of this, we will bring everything with us on the day.
  • Colored Magic Markers: Using colored stickers on each rooms boxes can help with the unloading process. You can post the color of boxes over the top of the doorway to that room so everyone knows where each box goes. Colored ribbon works great to tie around the garbage bags, it is cheap and easy to recognize. Decide ahead of time what your color codes are going to be and put those supplies in the room.

Getting the House Ready to Sell

Remove the Clutter

Now, let’s talk about getting the house ready to sell. This is usually a precursor to the big move. Right now you are so overwhelmed with the clutter you don’t know where to start.

This may sound like a drastic move, but if you can afford it, order a dumpster. It will give you place to toss things. Or, you can call for daily pick up from the area thrift/charities stores. You just have to get the stuff you don’t need or want out of your house as fast as you can.

If you run around like your head is cut off, you are not going to accomplish anything. Just start in one room. You can even start to pack up the stuff you will not be needing at the same time. Pick up an item and ask yourself:

  • Are you worth moving?
  • Do I love you enough to go to all this trouble and expense to pack you up?

Remember it is best to do this prior to us coming round to cube up, this will help us provide an accurate quote for your removal. We love knowing exactly what we are picking up and dropping off.

Only keep the stuff you absolutely love and use regularly.

Get rid of all the clothes you don’t wear, too.

Beginning to Pack

Now, back to packing. If you will take your time and not be rushed about this, you will do a more efficient job and not be so stressed out. Do not make yourself sick over this, because it’s not worth it. Slow and steady wins the race, remember?

If you have plenty of time to prepare for the move, you can have everything labeled and ready for us to load on the truck all before the final day — no stress and no worry. Also, you will be able to find things when you get to your new home. Take baby steps and each day pack up five boxes and keep them in the room that they belong in. Color code the boxes and number them. Label on the outside the contents or which drawer they came from and put it on your master moving list. Get a clipboard and keep your lists together. Keep your moving supplies together, too.

Now, let’s talk about what you are going to need when you get to the new house. You don’t want to be ripping open boxes looking for things. Before you start to pack anything, think about what items you are going to need when you walk in the door of your new house:

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Rubber gloves
  • Disinfectant.
  • Vacuum, broom, mop. You may not use them, but you will need to know where to put your hands on them as soon as Harrison and Rowley have finished unloading the truck.
  • Rags and paper towels for cleaning.
  • Basic kitchen utensils: A skillet, pot, and maybe even your crock pot. Then a spatula, sharp knife, silverware, dishwashing liquid, dish towels, paper plates, napkins, and glasses.
  • Simple food: peanut butter, cereal, crackers, bread, coffee, sugar, etc. You may have to make a grocery run for some fruit and snacks for the kids.
  • Clothing: Also in your possession you will need a couple of changes of clothes for each person in the family; everything from underwear to socks, shoes, and pajamas.
  • Personal items: You will need a basic bathroom bag. Everyone’s toothbrushes, razor, shampoo, soap, tooth paste, and of course toilet paper and towels and washcloths. Don’t forget your makeup, hair dryer, or contacts if you use them. You don’t want be tearing open boxes and hunting for this stuff when you are getting ready to crash in bed with mattresses on the floor.
  • For the first sleep in the new house: Pack some sheets and blankets for each person’s bed and an alarm clock. This should be just enough to help with camping out while you are working on getting the new house put together. Remember our trained staff can put back together beds and wardrobes when we arrive at your new property.
  • Food: Starting with the kitchen is often the easiest, because that’s where your family spends a lot of time and the room you use the most. It’s also especially important to unpack the food that you may have moved. If you are moving frozen food and not moving a huge distance, we will put your freezer last on, first off so you can transfer the food as soon as possible.

Before You Leave The Old House

Now, before you leave the old house, make sure the power is on at the new house as well as phone. This way, you will really not be in the dark. Also, think about having a cleaning service come and clean the old house for you. Your attentions are not there anymore; let someone else do it for you. However, we always aim to be loaded with enough time for you to whip round with polish and a hoover.

From here, we will make our way to the new house and start unloading.

Sounds complicated, but with Britannia Harrison and Rowley, it is a fast and efficient process.

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