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Sun, Sea and Prime Locations – The Sunniest European Cities You Should Move To

Aerial View of Auckland, New Zealand

It’s no surprise that more and more Brits are seeking a new and exciting life abroad nowadays. Potential expats are desperate to live in a place that is blessed by all year round sunshine because of our unreliable British ‘Summers’, complete with days of heavy rainfall that can cause havoc with holiday plans to visit the beach or enjoy a picnic in the park. Although the now reversing economic downturn had very few positives, one of them is that Brits searching for a new life overseas are welcomed with lower house prices abroad, giving them a lot more for their money in a wide variety of European hotspots. In this article you will find the sunniest cities in prime locations across Europe you could move to in search of a happier, more tranquil life with year round sunny beach weather.



  • The oldest city located in France boasting majestic coves, bewitching old style town houses that create a serene setting against crystal blue waters, Marseille is a simply stunning city.
  • Blessed with over 300 days of sunshine each year, giving you plenty of time to work on your tan!
    • Shopping fanatics will feel right at home as they make their way around Marseilles hefty 15,000 shops all set in a pretty market style town.
    • Houses comprise of a mixture of town houses, villas and apartments with the average house price wavering towards the 330,000 Euro marker. This obviously varies on how close you are to the centre of the town.
    • Average Temperatures: Spring 19C / Summer 25C / Autumn 14C / Winter 12C
    • Modern transport system enables you to make your way around the city efficiently and easily including subway lines, tramway lines, train stations and bus routes.


  • Funchal, Madeira


    • Unbeknown to many, Funchal is a modern city that is home to many top class restaurants and 5* hotels.
    • A favourite amongst many retirees due to its reputation for being a safe and secure place to live.
    • A life in funchal city promises stunning scenery everyday due to the blue atlantic contrasting against dramatic mountain regions and you can wander through the mammoth banana plantations and relish in the fact that gorgeous subtropic flowers blossom all year round.
    • People watch in one of the cities many cafes and garden venues or for thrill seekers why not swim with dolphins or paraglide off the mountains.


    • It holds a warm all year climate with June – December seeing the hottest temperatures at an average of 20 degrees celsius.
    • House prices have dipped by 15%  since 2009 making it a great place to get the most out of your money with small apartments fetching 100,000 euros and large villas going for around 250,000 euros.

Palma, Majorca


  • A cosmopolitan, sophisticated city that is also a vibrant hub bursting with life all year round!
  • Citizens relax under the sun throughout the year due to hot summers with highs of 30 degrees celsius  as well as very mild winters. What more could you ask for?
  • Home to sparkling blue mediterranean seas that entice many party goers each year, not only for the idyllic scenery but also due to the  buzzing nightlife on offer.
  • The city is full of a huge array of things for you to do, including being home to the best restaurants, shops and entertainment as well as a lively cafe society.
  • Its highly efficient transport system promises to get you where you need to be on time and hassle free.
  • Average house prices stand at 357’000 euros.




Florence, Tuscany

  • Those who love to wine and dine tasting only the most delicious array of gourmet meals and sipping on the most delicate of wines will be in heaven with Florence’s many amazing restaurants and cafes.
  • Famous for its extraordinary countryside, the picturesque scenes hold within them outstanding views where you can take walks along mountain paths and cycle down rolling hills for fun.





  • Enjoy a subtropical mediterranean climate with an average high temperature of 30 degrees celsius whilst winter remarkably only drops to 13 degrees celsius daytime temperature.
  • The sun shines for 240 days of the year so worrying about the weather is rarely a problem!
  • House prices dropped by 20% recently enabling you to grab a substantial property for a lot less that you’d pay in the UK.

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