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Why Hire a Removals Company?

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In a day and age where house prices are at their peak, you may be thinking to yourself that you can save cost on not hiring a removals company for your house move. The question to ask yourself here is how much is a peace of mind worth to you? If you were to hire a removals company, you’d be almost guaranteed a stress free day not having to worry about your household goods. And here at Harrison & Rowley, we’ve given you five good reasons as to why you should save yourself the hassle and go ahead and hire a removals company.


1.) Professionalism & Experience

The difference between a removals company and grabbing some mates together with a van is that the removals company does this full time! It’s their job to ensure that everything in the home is transferred safely without any potential accidents. A good removals company will make sure that the appropriate measures are taken to maintain the goods of your home, but are also covered with the appropriate insurance if need be. Your friends and family can probably help you out on removals day but a professional removals company can ensure that everything that is packed will stay intact.


2.) Saving Time

One of the more time consuming tasks is trying to pack your entire home into boxes ready to be shipped out. You can save yourself a lot of time by hiring a removals company who do this for a living! Harrison & Rowley for example will pack and wrap everything for you, into solid removals boxes – which if you were to do yourself could take up too a week or longer depending on the size of your home.


3.) Safety Assurance

Removal companies have all the correct equipment that go beyond boxes and duct tape! Size specific lorries, blankets / covers, packing paper, van blankets are just some of the removal specific accessories that are on offer to ensure a safe and smooth move. So if they have all the appropriate tools and accessories, why not utilise them!


4.) Help With Lifting

One of the main reasons why people rely on removals companies is to help with all the heavy lifting. A removals company will literally do all the work including the heavy lifting and dealing with the awkward angles that you may struggle with or may not be able to do yourself.


5.) Relieving the Stress!

Simply put, a removals company takes the stress out of moving day – leaving you to do other more important tasks. And as mentioned before, you can’t put a price on a peace of mind. If for example you find yourself in a situation where you have kids in the house or elderly people, it can be quite the task to cater for their needs on moving day – let alone setting aside some time to move heavy boxes. A removals company like Harrison and Rowley literally take the stress out of moving day as we will be the ones that do the leg work, leaving you free to do what you need to do…


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