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Prohibited Items For Australia & New Zealand


There is often confusion about some of the restricted items that you can or cannot take into Australia or New Zeland. Many of the restrictions have been in place for many years but confusion can be caused through rumour and chinese wispers !

Foodstuffs of any description, spices, tinned goods etc are generally frowned upon and will lead you into hot water. Similarly any soil on shoes, boots, camping and golf equipment can also lead to potential additional costs and hassle.

People usually get caught out with items that have been living plants so no trendy tall twigs in vases, pot pourri, and watch out for Xmas Decorations as they will usually have something that has been sprayed silver or gold such as a pine cone. See if you can spot these in the photo attached

Quarantine charges are raised at all the ports for Australia and New Zealand so it is best to ensure that you are up to speed on the latest information. Appleyards of Hull send consignments to both destinations so if you need any advice on shipping goods to either Australia or New Zealand just give them a call and ask for Vinny


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